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5 Dreamy Nights In Protaras, Cyprus

Turquoise waters + Cypriot Halloumi + My love = a Dream.

Finding the most beautiful hotel on the Protaras coast & spending 5 days in the 40 degree heat, sipping cocktails & relaxing like there is no tomorrow - the highlight of 2020.

Cavo Zoe

Where? Protaras, Cyprus

When? 30th August - 4th September 2020

Who with? My love, Jack!

Main highlight? The crystal crystal clear waters

Main shock? Despite the world being in a pandemic, how quiet it was was still a shock!

After 9 months of not travelling further than a couple of hours road trip, getting on a plane to the other side of the continent, with turquoise waters, jumping fish & a blaring sun waiting before we had even hit the runway, I knew that through all the forms & mask wearing, this was the best decision we had made all year.

When the heat hits you in the face, in its beautiful way making you forget how much you missed it, it is simple the best sensation. It was only a 40 minute drive in a refreshingly air conned Taxi to the stunning grounds of the Cavo Zoe Seaside Hotel which exceeded expectations with their beautiful views by just walking down the idyllic marble steps with water features along both sides leading to the pool & reception.

Even photos do not do this 4 star secluded hotel justice!

Reaching over 40 degrees on some days, the 3 infinity pools & warm Mediterranean Sea was a true blessing. Secret little coves are hidden all around with one beach in particular taking my breath away just off to the right at the front of the hotel - when I tell you one day we were there all day long & saw no more than 10 other people, half of whom were locals & only there briefly, I am not lying. It is a secret that it seemed only us & the ice-cream man knew about, ringing his bell at the same time each day. I'm sure this isn't the case in what most would call a 'normal' year so therefore to see it like this was magic, I felt truly grateful. Along with the little trips we did take, from paddle boarding - when we could see the hundreds of fish swimming meters below ready to catch us if we fell - , to the tranquility of seeing next to no one on a 45 minute walk at dusk to along the Protaras coastline; this was a dream I would re live in a heartbeat.

Never have I been somewhere & simply relaxed in such comfort to this extent, with tranquil music playing by the pool all day, Gin Fizz's made by George (may I add the best barman on the island!) & even having my first full body essential oils Massage lying beneath the palm trees before heading back home. Experiencing Cyprus for the first time in such a quiet situation only enhanced the beauty of the country & when we return, the Cavo Zoe, with its friendly staff & beautifully chic interior & exterior will be the only option for us.

Have a look at my Instagram for more photos: @_ellacharlotte

Cavo Zoe Seaside Hotel:

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