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The definition of purity. The centre of our speech, hearing & communication, where we are to express our truth.

It is week number FIVE of My Soul Summer & by gradually working our way up the body, we are now exploring. . .

The Throat Chakra, Vishuddha.

For centuries the heart & throat chakra were seen as one unity, which is a beautiful way to look at to the two chakras. It is an indication of the heart being linked to what we put out into the world, love for what we say, kindness & truth in our communication through our throat. The two gradually split into their lights & chakras in their own right, where the Anahata chakra became located at the heart whilst the Vishuddha chakra found its location in the throat...

Vishuddha means 'purity'. It is our truth, our strength, our own rights. This chakra is our communication with the outside world, by being located in the throat it extends into our neck, jaw, tongue, ears & thyroid gland. The most important & effective way to maintain a clear flow for the energy in our Vishuddha area & keep it healthy & unblocked is by speaking our truth. Our own personal truth. No one else's - just YOURS.

It is blocking out all of the negative voices or anyone who tries to stifle your voice in the world who may lead you to self-doubt. It is about trusting in who we are, manifesting the fullest expression of ourselves in every way possible & voicing it out into the world regardless of what other's opinions may or may not be. It is not becoming what someone else's opinion of us 'should' be - it is in fact doing the opposite & retracting these opinions to turn inwards & discover what has been inside since the day we were born. . .the tiny perfect all consuming light of who you truly are. The inner voice that sometimes struggles to be heard over all of the outside noisy & negativity voices. The inner voice that deserves your fullest expression.

.'...this empowers you to live it and let your unique expression of humanness be your gift to the world.'

What is so great about discovering our own empowering self is that when we develop the courage to speak up in this way, we also inspire others to do the same, to have the freedom to feel their worthiness & truth & release it out into the world! Now of course, food comes into each & every chakra & especially our throat chakra as it directly glides on by. . .

  • Pure Liquids: FRESH fruit juices, Herbal Teas & Pure water.

  • Natural Blue Foods: Lots of blueberries!

  • Tree Fruits: Peaches, Pears, Apples, Plums, Apricots.

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