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A rustic, one of a kind experience - a safe retreat like no other, which has expanded into the walls of your own home. Transporting you out of the realms of your day to day for your 60 minute class taking you to a place of peace, relaxation & ultimately. . . yoga; through a wide range of asana flows, essential oils & gentle adjustments & massages, you will leave feeling refreshed, revived & ready to take on the rest of your day.

’This really is a small slice of heaven for me every week. Ella has allowed me to feel comfortable through movement and positions that I wasn’t always comfortable with. She’s been excellent at pushing my body to it’s limit whilst always maintaining my complete confidence! I’m so thrilled to have been introduced the Relax and Release class! Thank you Ella ❤️’

- Alexandra, 23


’I have been doing Yoga with Ella for 2 years now, starting as a complete novice. The Little Sanctuary is a perfect haven for completely relaxing yet fun class. Ella is fantastic and a complete professional at what she does, I have noticed a huge improvement in my practice!’

- Fiona, 29

’Ella is a wonderful and supportive teacher, and I felt completely at ease with her. The class is a judge free zone and a safe place for beginners. I thoroughly enjoyed my one to one session with Ella where the lesson was tailored to my needs. I highly recommend anyone looking to start their yoga journey to start with Ella.’

- Priya, 24

’I'm loving my one-to-one classes!

I'm sleeping like a baby!’

- Jackie, 60


’Ella is the most welcoming and accommodating yoga instructor I've ever had. It's obvious with every session how passionate she is about the practise and well researched and thought out each hour is. She is super accommodating to any injuries and limitations I have had and always answers any questions with such care. Her space is not at all intimidating, super peaceful and feels like a proper sancutary. I look forward to going every week and recommend her to all my friends :)’

- Yasmine, 19

’Every time I take part in a yoga session with Ella I feel a completely different person afterwards. I come away feeling so relaxed and my body definitely thanks me for it. Ella is a natural teacher and explains everything so well. Can’t wait to continue my yoga journey with her!’

- Elena, 20

’Ella’s new studio is amazing! It’s fresh, clean and inviting. It’s very spacious so you don’t have to worry about being too close to anyone. She provides yoga mats, pillows, blankets and everything else you need to have the most relaxing class. We had the doors open on a warm sunny afternoon which made it feel like a proper little yoga retreat..’

- Tilly, 22

’ I have a new lease of life now I’ve found Ella. She is a natural teacher, so I’m quickly learning yoga moves I never thought I’d EVER be able to get to. Amazing. Working together in her beautiful studio one on one to support me on my serene yoga journey, it feels a real partnership as we address my poses out of alignment or she gently challenges me reach my potential. I can’t thank you enough Ella.’

- Bev, 56

’A great place for beginners to pros and anywhere in between. Being new to yoga, I’ve found it is a great way to clear your mind after a challenging day. You feel stronger and left with the sense of having had a workout but also surprisingly relaxed. Ella is a great teacher; confident, welcoming and calming. She provides a very informative class that can be adapted to suit individual needs, so everyone can join in. Couldn’t recommend enough!.’

- Nathan, 25


Try it out for yourself - with a max. of 6 people in any one class you will be sure to always receive a personal & unique experience, so whatever your age, gender or ability everyone is welcome with open arms whether you have never done yoga before or you practice it daily, come along & join our little community now!

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