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This blog has been an idea of mine since I ever began to walk, talk & write. As soon as I started walking, talking & well, writing, I have not stopped. Quite literally! With 10 years of writing in my journal almost every single day - I thought it might just be time to share some of what I scribble down out into the world. My burning desire to explore, discover & capture the magic of this one life combined with the practice of yoga, has been the inspiration behind this all.

To create a soul source of well-being & goodness.

As a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher, I teach private classes with the intention to create a moment to cut off from the outside world, a place for everyone to feel safe, to turn inwards, and to feel complete peace & relaxation. I hope whether it is through a class or by visiting this site's healthy recipes, well-being reads or some of the best tips to luxuriously travel whilst on a budget, I can help to spread the love for the little things in life. Hopefully you enjoy reading, smiling & getting inspiration in many more ways than one. 

Yoga is not simply a practice, it is a way of life:


'One life. Just one. Why aren't we running like we're on fire towards out wildest dreams?'

Life is a lot more simple than we make it. So love, live fully & welcome in a world of bliss...

all my love,

e l l a x

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