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Vinyasa Yoga Flow

A classic flow to focus on connecting your movement and breath, whilst enhancing a deeper practice. Creating positivity, increasing flexibility & gaining a stronger understanding of the connection to our bodies - giving ourselves a little time to re-connect through movement.

These classes are suitable for all levels with both modifications & advanced options incorporated throughout.



An energetic yoga flow fused with Pilates exercises. With fast-paced sequences for the whole body focusing on the abs & glutes, combining strengthening & stretching with a positive mindset; leaving you to feel energised, worked out & refreshed.

These classes are suitable for those looking to push themselves & build up a sweat.

camel pose.JPG

Relax & Release Yoga

The perfect wind down at the end of your day, helping you to cut off from the outside world and relax into your inner self. Yin postures are incorporated and held for extended periods of time, helping with any sore muscles and joints. A great way to ease into yoga as a beginner - giving yourself the 'you time' you deserve within this crazy world.

These classes are suitable for all levels, helping you to increase flexibility, relax & re-centre.


Classes are suitable for all levels & all equipment is provided -
all you will need is a bottle of water & yourself!

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