10 days of Cuban Rum, Fun & Sun...

From dancing on a boat in a thunderstorm to sipping fresh Mojitos in Havana, I am sure 10 days in this extraordinary country did not even touch the surface of what it has to offer but from the time I did have, it can only be put one way - Cuba is an exceptionally unique country to visit.

Where? Havana & Varadero, Cuba

When? 10th - 20th May 2019

Who with? A girlfriend

Main highlight? Fresh fruits on the street corner, isolated islands & the 1940's CARS!!

Main shock? The communist regime.

14 hours & 22 minutes. London to Toronto. Toronto to Havana. 3 nights in Havana. 7 nights in Varadero. Havana to Toronto. 8 hours in Toronto airport. Toronto to London. 19 hours & 14 minutes. = the statistical outline of our trip to Cuba.

But let's rewind.

Cuba has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember & beginning to read up on how classic cars may not be there for all that much longer... I was determined to visit & soon. So when one of my best friends turned around & said she's there, I did not hesitate & we got planning. We found the cheapest flights possible (explaining the extremely long airport stops!) & researched all we could about this unique country. So when we landed in Havana airport, despite hours of travel, extreme customs & the extended uncertainty of whether our bags were going to come out on a third-world country luggage belt - seeing a classic yellow 1950's taxi there to pick us up bought tears to my eyes. This was it. I was here.

We got to our quirky Bed & Breakfast in the middle of the night, received by a couple of the friendliest