3 Days & 27 Danish Hot Chocolates later...

Staying in the Danish capital - Copenhagen - in January, was experiencing Scandinavian style for what it really is. Go big or go home, right? It's idyllic snow scenes & hygge feel, makes it quite simply, a quiet, frosty & beautiful city.

The Union Kitchen

Where? Copenhagen, Denmark

When? 11th - 14th January 2019

Who with? My younger sister, Phoebs

Main highlight? The homey feel & sweet treats!

Main shock? P r i c e.

Grabbing last minute flights as a Christmas present in December 2018, to head for Copenhagen on the 11th Jan - didn't seem like a bad plan at all, so we went for it! We found a very luxurious bedroom on Airbnb for a good price, we shared the apartment with a young girl but we would never have known as she was rarely there & the bedroom/bathroom area was the perfect combination of vintage & modern that when we were at the apartment, we rarely had to go into the other rooms (we ate in the town most of the time). Saying that, she was a local & had some good recommendations for us - the perks of using Airbnb!

Our apartment was just off of Nyhavn harbour - where the beautifully iconic stretch of bright colourful houses are (a real life version of Balamory in a much more idyllic manner!), which was the perfect location to venture around the capital.

When we first arrived it was an adventure getting to the apartment in itself - we got on a self-driving train! It is a city of cleanliness, sleek ways & simplistic beauty & for us, the train was only the start. I had unfortunately been hit with the flu just in time for the trip, making the minus temperatures feel that little bit more chilly but it did not stop us enjoying a quiet trip away. From walking along one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets, Strøget, going in '& O