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A Real Life Trip to a Treehouse

Discovering a secluded, quaint & mystical treehouse in East Sussex to celebrate mine & Jack's first Anniversary could not have been anymore fairytale like if we tried...what do you reckon?

Bensfield Treehouse

Where? Bensfield Treehouse, East Sussex

When? 18th January - 20th January 2020

Who with? My love, Jack!

Main highlight? The pure peace all around, it felt like it was only us two in the world.

Main shock? How quickly 2 nights can go...

Growing up reading & believing in fairytales, it is probably not too much of a surprise that staying in a Treehouse quickly jumped onto my bucket list at the soonest discovery that it was even a possibility! I mean I am going to personally say I think it could just be one of the best discoveries out there, but that is my personal opinion.

Before Our Anniversary Dinner

Leading up to our first year anniversary Jack & I decided to opt for this adventure, stay in the UK & hide ourselves away. The seclusion of Bensfield Treehouse made all the worries of our yesterdays & tomorrows simply slip away along with everyone else on the planet. It was just us, in our own lovely little bubble. Two nights full of laughter, good food & lots of home made cocktails; waking up to tree branches all around & many sheep in our 'back garden' made us at one with nature. Our mornings also consisted of enjoying a lovely fresh breakfast we cooked in our matching complimentary dressing gowns - when we arrived there was a hamper full of local produce from eggs & sausages to quiche & muesli, catering to all! With freshly squeezed juice & a personal note, both the hamper, dressing gowns & slippers & mainly, the bridge crossing over the lake to get to the treehouse glinting with fairy lights was the most surreal welcome - it was perfect.

We implemented our own little digital detox whilst we stayed (apart from a few pictures here & there. There is also a TV if you do prefer.) which made it all the more intimate for us; full of romance...thinking about it, it is probably only somewhere you want to be with someone you get along very well with in pretty close proximities! That said there was something so raw about it that I feel it is also a beautiful place to re kindle a lost spark very easily. It would make it hard to not fall in love all over again, especially with our own little additions of Elton John softly in the background & card games until the early hours of the morning to then end up dancing around the tree trunk...something I never realised was so fun until we done it...maybe we are a tad crazy.

We loved it so much that we decided we are now going to become little treehouse experts & find some of the best ones around, we began looking for our second anniversary (which has now been & gone!) but I need not explain why we couldn't! However, when next year comes around I am sure it will only make it even more special so for any couples out there - friends or family - I honestly could not recommend it enough, go & experience the fairy tale dream full of joy & romance that you dreamed of in your childhood!

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