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La Ciudad de Valencia

For me, Spain is not the first place on the list when you think of February sun, but what do you know? Sol de Febrero en Espana!

When? 13th - 17th February 2022

With? Jacks family (11 of us!)

Stayed at? Silken Puerta Valencia.

Highlight? It's got to be the magic of spending Valentines abroad - the Spaniards are so beautifully in love.

Improvement? The city SMELL!

With a Ramsay Plane food breakfast under the belt & a comment from security thinking I was 15, we were on our way. My first trip abroad in February I figured out, why I'm not so sure! It is the perfect time to get away after the January lul it gets you excited & away from the chills for a little adventure.

That said. . . the rain was there to greet us when we arrived on our first evening & an unexpected ride on the local football teams team coach to get us to our hotel, gracing through the city sky high apartment buildings, giant crossroads & orange trees - you can never doubt Spain to be a perfect escape whether it is the coasts of Cordoba or the city of Valencia, the Spanish charm absorbs you with the warm air every day of the year, smiley faces & ease of friendliness left, right & centre.

Where to Stay

4 nights in Silken Puerta Valencia - a really great location to stay with plenty of bus stops & transport links nearby, a 30 minute walk either way to the beach or into the city centre. With super friendly staff, a quaint modern bar area & staple simple & clean rooms, it is just right to stay here for a city break popping back & forth throughout the day. There is also a plentiful breakfast spread! (Although slightly limited on the plant based foods as cheese & meats are of course their staple)

What To Do

Visit La Malvarossa beach, have tapas (on the hour, every hour) & climb the Cathedral tower. Three musts! Getting to the top of the 207 step tower is quite a sight, we happened to time it as the bell was chiming - which may have scared the living day lights out of some people - but a great moment none the less!

Another must is taking a trip to the Central Market = FOOD HEAVEN. The yummiest olives, fresh fartons (stick like doughnuts!) & everything else under the sun. You pass through this when walking around the city & whilst I'm not the biggest advocate for walking tours in every city - I prefer exploring the wonders yourself - there is so much history & fun facts in Valencia, it is definitely worth while & a quick way to see the city in a matter of a couple of hours.

& A couple more musts. . .Taking a trip to the Valencia Aquarium Oceanografic for sure! It is one of the biggest aquariums in the world & with an underwater tunnel to walk through it is a pretty special visit. In order to get there walk along the old river bed turned park, it is 9km stretching through the entire city, it is absolutely beautiful, chopping & changing from being surrounded by Valencian orange trees one moment to watching a yoga class under marble arches the next. It is perfect for a romantic stroll & picnic spot.

Where To Eat

What to drink comes first here & that is Agua de Valencia. Strong, sweet & juicy, having their local cocktail is perfect to sip on whether you are in the city or by the beach as it is very refreshing! Also, get the right places & this city is a Foodie's HEAVEN. So here they are, a few of the best places to eat in Valencia (alongside the Central Market):

- Paella? Flor de Valencia

- Tapas? Pintxo i Trago

- Romance? Vuelve Carolina

- Homemade? Magma Restaurante

- Brunch? Four Coffee & Bistro

Every single one of these places was brilliantly unique with incredibly fresh ingredients & personal service & I would go back to them all again - now if this is not a pretty special foodie city then I'm not sure what is!

Valencia is a great sunshine getaway, whether it is with family, friends or a romantic trip, this is a city that caters for all. It is big but personal. Traditionally Spanish yet unique. Fun whilst at the same time, delicately beautiful.

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