St Lucian Style

A whirlwind of sun, love & magical views, a St Lucia visit in your lifetime is a must. From the finest Cacao beans in the world & the salty fish pulled to shore each morning, it is a care-free island ready to be enjoyed.

Piton Mountains

Where? Castires, St Lucia

When? June 2019

Who with? Jack & his Family

Main highlight? The natural beauty absolutely everywhere!

Main shock? The 'Winter' of Caribbean Weather

After turning 22 last Thursday my family threw a 'Countries' Party for me where we all dressed up in a country that I have visited & I got St Lucia so flowers in my hair & banana bread baking I was! & of course it has now inspired me to share with you a little bit of this incredible adventure.

Jack & I had only been together 5 months when his family's St Lucian trip was

planned & he asked me to come along, a little bit of here & there but of course we decided on the there. A close family friend has the most beautiful house in Castries, at the opposite end of the tiny island of St Lucia to the main airport, a country with a population of only 182, 790. Yet past all of the rainforests, view stops & getting accustomed to the humid heat we arrived to the most incredible view you can imagine...