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St Lucian Style

A whirlwind of sun, love & magical views, a St Lucia visit in your lifetime is a must. From the finest Cacao beans in the world & the salty fish pulled to shore each morning, it is a care-free island ready to be enjoyed.

Piton Mountains

Where? Castires, St Lucia

When? June 2019

Who with? Jack & his Family

Main highlight? The natural beauty absolutely everywhere!

Main shock? The 'Winter' of Caribbean Weather

After turning 22 last Thursday my family threw a 'Countries' Party for me where we all dressed up in a country that I have visited & I got St Lucia so flowers in my hair & banana bread baking I was! & of course it has now inspired me to share with you a little bit of this incredible adventure.

Jack & I had only been together 5 months when his family's St Lucian trip was

planned & he asked me to come along, a little bit of here & there but of course we decided on the there. A close family friend has the most beautiful house in Castries, at the opposite end of the tiny island of St Lucia to the main airport, a country with a population of only 182, 790. Yet past all of the rainforests, view stops & getting accustomed to the humid heat we arrived to the most incredible view you can imagine...

The first thing I must mention is the country's national cocktail: a BBC (Banana, Baileys & Coconut Cream). It is the creamiest milkshake like drink I have ever tasted & it makes complete sense because there really are bananas everywhere you turn. BBC's, Fried Plantain, Banana leaf hats even! The BBC itself is actually super simple to make if you want to give it a try simply blend all the above ingredients with some ice & ta da you have a taste of St Lucia right here & now! Maybe not so easy to make the banana leaf hats so we will leave that one for the professionals! But I think it is pretty safe to say I enjoyed one of these cocktail's each of the 7 nights we were there. As well as plenty of fresh fish BBQ'd at home & a couple of Roti's here & there, the food is incredibly tasty & mouthwatering, even enjoying the mangoes picked from the garden for breakfast was a beautiful treat to look forward to each morning. We also had some really good Italian food one night & an Indian (both followed by a BBC!), so the St Lucian's fresh food extends beyond their own.

As incredible as the local town of Castries is with their 'Friday Night Jump Up's' where the whole town dances on the street to the beautiful pigeon island nearby full of clear beaches with cocktail boats sailing up to you when you are in the sea & even the locals 'Marie's beach bar'. They are all great fun each in their own way - yet there is one day in particular that stands out. This is the day we took a trip to the mud baths on a live volcano, saw the Sulphur steaming up & decided to get in the pools of mud! I tell you they were HOT but absolutely brilliant. It is said that by covering your skin in this super smooth mud it it will help you look 12 years younger...I can't vouch for that fact in it's entirety however I can confirm that I have never felt so smooth, even my elbows were like touching silk! But the smell...that was not quiteee as appealing I must say! We had our morning bathing away before going for a late lunch at the actual Hotel Chocolat. Some of the finest dining on the entire island - it was my dream! Chocolate in every single course, what more could a girl want?! Chocolate balsamic vinegar & bread to begin with, a Veggie Chocolate Roti with a Chocolate & Salted Caramel Martini & a Chocolate melting pud to finish off. If we get to go back to St Lucia then staying Hotel Chocolat is on the bucket list. To have that every course of the day & to swim in their incredible infinity pools, it is one of a kind!

I could go on & on about this one of a kind Caribbean island but I think the chilled vibes, coconut banging & reggae playing defines it in a nutshell. It is the perfect cut off for everyone. Including you.

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