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'Good Vibes, Good Life' By Vex King

Quite simply the bible on how to live a life filled with positivity - the idea of what you give out to the world, is what you attract; by truly cultivating good vibrations ('Vibes') in your life, then that is what the world will hand right back to you.

Don’t worry about how it’s going to happen, otherwise you’ll begin to create limitations.

Just be certain about what you want and the entire Universe will rearrange itself for you.

Whatever the path you might be on right now, it will support you.

It will provide you with the signs to get you where you want to be."

- Vex King

This is the perfect book to read in its entirety, highlighting all of the pages & chapters that particularly resonate with you, to then leave it on your bedside table, your coffee table, even keep it in your bag - anywhere that is easily accessible, for you to pick up & flick back through on a down day to remind yourself that you are worthy, you are loved & you have the power to be anything you want to be in this world.

Since reading this book it has shifted my mindset significantly. Yes, you're not going to be positive every day. Yes, you are going to wake up some days & not want to get out of bed. Yes, on those days you feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders & no one will hear you. But it is the consistency of your drive towards your dreams on these days, that little glimpse of light that motivates you to keep going. That is where the secret lies between living an ordinary life & an extraordinary life. No one empowers these words more than Vex himself, giving first hand experiences throughout the book alongside all of the tips on creating 'Good Vibes' to help you realise, just how possible it is. This book has words that are to live by & it has changed my life for the better - if you are needing a bit of direction in your life right now or a bit of love then give it a read & I am sure it can change yours too.

Every second you spend thinking about the next moment you avoid embracing the present. Ensure your life isn't lived entirely inside your head."

- Vex King

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