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Happy by Fearne Cotton

The most down to earth, sunny feeling, pro-active 'self help' book I have read so far! & it quite literally is what it says on the cover. . .it will make you Happy. . .& that is a guarantee.

As soon as I finished this book, there are 3 things I done:

1. Recommended it to the first 5 people that I saw!

2. Picked up the 'sequel' Calm as if it were simply the next page (aren't those books the best?! I remember doing that with each & every one of the Harry Potter's!)

3. Enjoyed feeling the genuine form of Happy going about my day.

Of course there is no signed prescription that this will completely do what it says on the tin but I am willing to say that with an open-mind, heart & one of those multi-coloured pens in hand whilst reading then it will get you most of the way there.

& why is this? Because it is Real, with a capital R. It is a shoulder to lean on, a friend to understand, the girl next door who’s heartfelt experiences have led to words that feel as if they are flowing from your own life. & what’s more is that with this understanding comes the profound knowledge of knowing what is possible to leave us feeling happy everyday!

The brilliantly interactive nature of this book makes it a dream for those who can usually only clamber through one book every 3 months leaving it to collect dust & coffee cup stains in the process, Fearne makes it an ease to read whilst actively encouraging the reader to dive deeper within themselves through a personal reflection of their own encounter with the situations at hand - how do you respond now? What could you do differently? Which option will ultimately lead to a happier version of you?

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