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'home body' By Rupi Kaur

The third collection of poems released by the bestselling author, Rupi Kaur, an Indian-born Canadian Poet with a strength, honesty & bravery that unveils in every word she writes.

Through pain, darkness & loneliness the opening chapter explores emotions that are usually incomprehensible in written form. With a tragic honesty revealing the depths a women in this world can still experience - there is no holding back.

'quiet down i begged my mind

your overthinking

is robbing us of joy'

- rupi kaur

Yet in irony, these beautifully simple poems spark a sense of unspoken unity between all feminine figures in this world. Not usually one for poetry, every page amazes me - how so few words can say so much. So with this I won't say so much but as to let a small selection of the poems themselves speak to you. . .

'i want you to wipe away

everything you know about love

and start with one word


give it to them

let them give it to you

be two pillars

equal in your love

and you'll carry empires on your backs'

- rupi kaur

'there is a conversation

happening inside you

pay deep attention

to what your inner world

is saying'

- rupi kaur

'productivity is not how much

work i do in a day

but how well i balance

what i need to stay healthy

- being productive is knowing when to rest'

- rupi kaur

& then we reach the chapter 'relax'.

& I have never been in awe of words resonating so much for me just at the right time in my life. With the final poem completely leaving ripples in my mind. . .

'now that you are free

and the only obligation you are under

is your own dreams

what will you do

with your time'

- rupi kaur

All I can say is the beautiful combination of physical characters, into words, into poems is modern, intricate & powerful.

'home body' By Rupi Kaur: home body (

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