'home body' By Rupi Kaur

The third collection of poems released by the bestselling author, Rupi Kaur, an Indian-born Canadian Poet with a strength, honesty & bravery that unveils in every word she writes.

Through pain, darkness & loneliness the opening chapter explores emotions that are usually incomprehensible in written form. With a tragic honesty revealing the depths a women in this world can still experience - there is no holding back.

'quiet down i begged my mind

your overthinking

is robbing us of joy'

- rupi kaur

Yet in irony, these beautifully simple poems spark a sense of unspoken unity between all feminine figures in this world. Not usually one for poetry, every page amazes me - how so few words can say so much. So with this I won't say so much but as to let a small selection of the poems themselves speak to you. . .

'i want you to wipe away

everything you know about love

and start with one word