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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

A very insightful book with a helpful approach to understanding the opposite sex albeit in a 'traditionalist' manner - scarily accurate & one I will be coming back to for tips!

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I started this book quite a while ago! It has been a book where I have stopped & started & therefore yes it has taken me a little bit longer than planned, however with that said it has been worth it!

The first thing I would say if you are looking to read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, is that it is a very intuitive guide for relationships; with each chapter focusing on a different element for example 'Speaking Different Languages' (between the sexes) or 'How to Avoid Arguments' & therefore I would recommend reading it when you are in need of each individual chapter so that it stays fresh in your mind.

What I loved when reading John Gray's book was the sheer accuracy of some of the ideas. Men & Women really are from different planets & when you begin to look at our different principles & ideals in this manner, everything begins to make so much more sense. For example learning that men deal with problems all in their own mind because that is how they deal with them the best by retreating to their own internal 'cave'. This is reassuring to us women who do not understand when they do not want to 'talk it out' with us!

Although of course problems will always occur in every relationship, this book is a really good foundation to lessen those silly problems that no one seems to be able to identify where the problem actually began & help you live with a more open, honest & loving relationship by understanding the other on a deeper level. It helps you realise that it is not just you. Every relationship has very similar situations. It is natural. We are from different planets at the end of the day! But by truly knowing what your partner wants - it will help find a way to move forward argument free.

As John Gray says:

'As a basic guideline: never argue. Instead discuss the pros and cons of something. Negotiate for what you want but don't argue. It is possible to be honest. open, and even express negative feelings without arguing or fighting.'

When reading it is evident that Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus was written almost 30 years ago so when reading keep this in mind - men don't tend to read newspapers so much now, it is instead them on their phones. As well as of course the gender 'stereotypes' however it is noted that some concepts may not relate or in fact may be roles reversed entirely so it is not as strictly defined by gender as the title may suggest - it is simply based off of a 'traditional concept'. It is also based on married couples with kids. So some parts require you to be open-minded & pick out the bits that relate to you but either way & whatever your age & relationship, I promise there is something to learn here!

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