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'More Myself' By Alicia Keys

A beautifully written autobiography, written with authenticity, insight & truth - I'm not really one for autobiographies but I have been inspired by Alicia's story.

...I simply let the tide carry me forward. At the time, I wouldn’t have described it that way, nor did I truly understand that there was a flow with my name on it. But from this side of life, I can see how every moment, every experience, every pivot, even my supposed missteps have been life’s way of getting me where I have always been meant to go. Rather than resisting the current, I’ve learned to surrender."

- Alicia Keys

I have recently finished Alicia Keys autobiography, released in early 2020. The only other autobiography I have read to my memory is 'Becoming' By Michelle Obama & where these two inspirational women's lives cross over at some points, it only compliments the familiarity you feel when reading. Alicia is your girl next door, your free spirit & hard-working leader all in one. From love to mothering, to always stepping into her next dream, learning independence & ultimately, the power of music (with the stories behind all the big hits that we all know her for); her gratitude for life shines through in every word & leaves you feeling empowered, ready to conquer your own world, your own path & your own life.

I now understand that trying to be the "next" anyone is as foolish as it sounds. The shoes you dream of filling have already been worn ragged through their soles. You've gotta step into your own kicks and just do you."

- Alicia Keys

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