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A pretty trip to Primrose Hill

A spot of quiet in a busy town, sun shining, street flowers & Crêpe galore -

a perfect Sunday.

People. Food. Cafés. Sunshine. Everything we have been waiting for all in one place!

Last Sunday when the sun was shining we decided to make the most of it and take a spontaneous drive up to Primrose Hill - quite simply because we finally can! It was honestly so lovely - fresh air, London town and people here there and everywhere! The atmosphere was quite simply, refreshing. Eating a takeaway lunch from the café Chamomile up on a little dry spot on the hill, spotting the different buildings along London's skyline, people watching the runners, the Rosé sippers and the dog walkers. Seeing people laugh from a distance felt quietly magical. This is a new normal and it is all going to be absolutely fine because the small things truly are the best.


Picnicking on the Primrose Hill

A new appreciation for things really has begun to sneak through out of this unexpected situation and for that part, I am eternally grateful. This day full of simple pleasures became more than a simple Sunday. It became a moment of love, joy & gratitude! I am also very grateful for the yummy Crêpe's from the Le Tea Cosy and the pretty jarred flowers all along the streets so if you are nearby to this great city then the next Sunday you have, go along & enjoy the Sunday feel at Primrose Hill.


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