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Our higher self. Where we have complete objectivity, seeing past boundaries or otherness & discover our inner knowing.

Here is to our sixth week of My Soul Summer! Where we are now ready to explore...

The Third Eye Chakra, Ajna.

After working our way up the energetic body through our Chakras, gaining confidence & clarity of vision we are now able to identify ourselves as whole, perfect and complete just the way we are. This internal connection brings the power up to our third eye, Ajna, the dark blue indigo colour centred between our eyebrows:

Our Ajna chakra defines a huge part of what yoga is & as a lifestyle & belief, what it is that we are connected to. Unlike many other religions, philosophies & perspectives, yoga is a mystical path where we turn our attention within ourselves to access our spiritual connection. There is no placing the power onto an external source, the road is fundamentally internal which is where we ourselves can create our very own rule book & through our own stories & myths, can we discover our own beautifully unique bliss.

It is you, your journey, your bliss, your yoga & no one else has access to it. So, wake up in the morning with an awareness to live it every day of your life. This discovery to your inner connection takes time & only when we are clear about ourselves & our needs then do we have the energetic support to reach our third eye & ultimately yoga in our everyday.

Our third eye is the location of our higher self, where we discover complete objectivity & connect with the world around us by exploring connection, oneness & our integral place on this earth:

'With the vision of the third eye, we have a sixth sense, an inner knowing that guides us beyond rational thought into the realm of decision making known as viveka,'

Viveka is our ability to choose that which leads us towards wholeness & connection. The best way to access our third eye is by closing our physical eyes in Meditation. By taking a step back & becoming the watcher of our thoughts, all that is located in the area of our third eye, then we can access this unified state of consciousness. Other ways to unblock this area is by eating:

  • Purple Fruits: Goji berries, Acai, Blackberries, Grapes.

  • Ground Foods: Harvest grains, Mushrooms, Garlic, Wild Blueberries

  • Nuts & Seeds: Antioxidant rich raw walnuts, almonds & poppy seeds.

  • Water: Pure & simple.


  • 1 Chopped Frozen Banana

  • 25g Acai

  • 2 Tbsp Coconut Yoghurt

  • 200 ml Almond Milk (I love the coconut & almond milk by alpro!)

  • Handful of Blueberries

  • Handful of Blackberries

  • Coconut Flakes

  • Flaked Almonds

  1. Whizz the frozen banana, acai, yoghurt, milk & fruit in a blender until smooth.

  2. Pour into a bowl & top with the Coconut & Almond flakes & lots of fresh berries.

A yummy breakfast for your peace, tranquillity & intuition of your third eye. Ta Da! X

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