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An insight into The Little Sanctuary so far. . .

It has been a little over a year since I completed my university degree & with a hop, skip & a leap later. . .here we are.

Did I always know I wanted to be a yoga teacher? From 16 I had an inkling & from the day I turned 19, yes. Did I know it would happen so soon? Probably not. But with a digital jump, a global pandemic & an international travel ban, strangely enough things fell into line.

With my heart set on discovering the world as soon as my graduation hat hit the skies, getting an office job was never an option for me, there was always something more freeing, more dreamy, more appealing than working for a corporate company. So with time on our hands that 'future dream' became the present & yoga quickly became my all or nothing. Now 10 months down the line of being qualified (2 months of being 500hr qualified) & a couple of flows & crows later - I could only have dreamed of the little community that is now forming before us!

When we moved into our house we were mystified as to the summer house with broken windows, caving in ceilings & doors lodged open tucked around the back but I needed a backdrop to begin online classes so with snow falling outside, I grabbed a couple of spotlights & a tin of paint & carved a small space out of everyone's way to see what I could make of my new adventure. But like I said - for me it is all or nothing & imagination began to creep in so the painted floor space got bigger & bigger. . . By the time 'real life' could begin again (& with a few little helpers which none of this would have been possible without!) The Little Sanctuary arrived.

The amount of peace, love & laughter that has filled this space since has been an absolute dream. From exploring our chakras together in the 'My Soul Summer' journey to my family coming over & the little ones jumping to go & do some ' 'oga' - this happiness & stillness fills me up with a million smiles every day to know this is only the beginning, whenever & wherever The Little Sanctuary will always aim to have that little bit of magic & be exactly what it says on the door.

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