The 'thousand-petaled lotus', our chance to experience connection to our inner bliss & discover enlightenment.

Welcome to the seventh week of the My Soul Summer journey where we are exploring our FINAL chakra . . .

The Crown Chakra, Sahasrara.

Out of the 7 Chakra's in our energetic body, our Crown chakra is our ultimate connection to the higher source, whatever we believe that to be. It is our spiritual & energetic connection to sustained bliss located right at the top of our head:

Our Sahasrara chakra (Crown chakra) is our consistent connection to our higher self. It is our light that guides us everyday powering us from our true centre to live a life of complete bliss. It is the ultimate state of enlightenment & the conscious state of a true yogi. In this state we are intimately connected with all things & know ourselves to be one, removing any sense of 'other'. To access this state, anyone who is willing to take back anything that disempowers them, in every level of consciousness, will reach it.